The Three T’s of Digital Transformation

The Three T’s of Digital Transformation

Ever since I fell under the spell of digital evangelism back in the late 90’s , I witnessed many brands and clients working hard on shifting their communications into the digital era.

Whether it was through investing in hiring digital experts, building their web presence, increasing their digital marketing spend or acquiring the latest digital tools, many of these clients have made serious attempts to dot the i’s and cross the t’s when it comes to digitizing their MARCOM operations, yet a few of them actually succeeded in crossing the digital chasm.

After working through many digital transformation scenarios with some of the worlds leading brands, it became clear that for digital transformation to be real, long-lived and truly transformational, three t’s needed to be crossed, here they are:

Talent: No organization can become truly digital without die-hard evangelists who are loyal to one thing: the spirit of digital. Be it their quirky excitement about social platforms empowering everyday consumers to learn more and share more, or the real-time addictive content that is feeding these platforms, or the new found influencers shaping opinions everyday.

Tools: Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Think again! There are many cost effective digital tools today (if not free) enabling 1000s of brands to connect, share, learn and measure all that counts, and in the process allowing them to behave like a true digital local on a somewhat foreign soil.

However, out of all the t’s of digital transformation, one t stands out, one t rules them all:

That’s the Tracking T.

Yes, digital talent may create the noise and commotion and pressure that drives any organization to truly consider changing their traditional ways. And yes, tools will faciliate how a brand engages, connects and shares with their consumers, but without the commitment to tracking, the true value of digital transformation can never be realized. Without tracking, you rob the digital transformation process of it’s key ingredient, the ingredient that makes digital a truely addictive force.

Once you enable tracking across your various digital touch-points, from the moment a customer lays their eyes on one of your messages, all the way till they become a 10-time returning customer, and attribute exactly how much $ it takes to get one quality-paying-customer, then and only then will you have hit the digital jackpot: attribution, and opened your organization’s eyes on the limitless possibilities to do better, through digital.

Then and only then, would you be able to transform your organization from seeing digital as a feel-good thing, into seeing it as a do-good thing!

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