5 Digital Resolutions to Consider in 2015

5 Digital Resolutions to Consider in 2015

Its Dec, again.

Always amazes me how we all seem to be racing against time till the 11th hour of this last month of the year as if the world is coming to an end, only to go back to exactly the same cadence, rituals and habits as soon as the clock passes midnight (well .. we usually wait until the hangover wears off and then we go back to the same rituals).

And as with every Dec, it’s a time to reflect on what was, what wasn’t and what should be, followed by that ever evasive commitment to a new year resolution.

That’s fair, all humans are born aspirational, yet we all love comfort zones, which is why we have an ever evasive aspiration to get out of our comfort zones :)

And whether we’re 25, 45 or 70, there’s always merit for building a: start, stop, continue plan for our next year.

– What should we start doing?
– What should we stop doing?
– What should we continue doing?

I’ll leave the personal stuff for you to figure out, as only you (and Santa) know if you’ve been bad or good. But here are 5 digital-life resolutions I highly recommend we consider for the new year:

1- True happiness comes from the inside. Whether you share it on Facebook or not is irrelevant.

2- Being really good at what you do trumps how many times you can do it per second. So stop living on 5 screens and responding to 2 AM emails. Sleep.

3- Your text / whatsapp / viber / IM persona will never replace your IRL persona. You’re not a font. So pick up that phone, make that call, and book that in-person meeting.

4- When you’re in a room, stay in the room. Your fingers are part of your five senses, but so are your eyes, ears, mouth & nose. Stop texting. ESPECIALLY when you’re driving.

5- Yes, you can capture anything in digital format and store it forever. But nothing replaces the now. So remove that camera lens between you and your loved ones and experience life in raw format. When it happens. Real life is not on-demand.

I’m the last person to deny all the amazing things the digital era has done for us – both personally and professionally. However, one digital resolution I intend to work really hard on keeping in the new year is going back to living in the 90s. At least for part of my everyday. I miss it :)

So, here’s wishing everyone a happy new IRL year!

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