Relevance Club was instrumental to digital transformation at Moneris. In a short period of time, they helped us evolve our in-house digital capabilities and how we measure the real-time impact of digital marketing on revenue.

Rob Cameron, CMO / CPO Moneris Solutions

Relevance Club offers clients a sense of confidence and clarity. They are connected to the people that matter and stay on top of whats new.

Michael Szego, MD The Scout Innovation Network

Relevance Club helped us evolve our social listening practice so we could build even stronger social strategies for our clients.

Selena Cameron, SVP Hill+Knowlton Canada

We Are Digital Disruptors

Do you have 21st Century technology but a 20th Century structure? Are you equipped to attract, develop and retain digital talent? Do you know what it takes to lead among your industry in the digital era? These are questions that many organizations are grappling with as they seek to succeed in the digital era.
And this is why Relevance Club was founded.

Relevance Club is a digital transformation consultancy helping brands and Ad agencies sharpen their digital toolkit to better connect with today’s customers – the millennial generation. We bring 18 years of strategic digital planning for some of the world’s leading brands combined with proprietary digital and social auditing tools to identify digital communication gaps and present clear opportunities to where our clients’ internal and external digital operations need to grow.

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